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Documentation d'artistes diplômés de l'EESAB, 2013 - 2018

Marie Raffeneau

MÀJ 24-08-2020

Born and raised in France, Marie Raffeneau aka 'Sequins Freak' has always been surrounded by multimedia and performing arts (photography, movies, music and fashion designers). She graduated from the EESAB, college of fine arts in Brittany, where she learned all about translating emotions and meaning into wearable works of art.

Fascinated since childhood by glittering and sparkling objects, it’s obvious for her to be using sequins as her work’s principal material now. Shaped like tiny mirrors and CDs, able to reflect light and create strong images, sequins echo her work as a photographer, as a story hunter.

Embroidered on large piece of clothing, the sequins merge into an armor like protection, by covering the body and showing, through their patterns, the internal uneasiness and strength of the person wearing it.