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Documentation d'artistes diplômés de l'EESAB, 2013 - 2018

Marie Raffeneau

MÀJ 24-08-2020

Resilience, 2019-2020

A lost woman is left alone in the dark, wounded but never stopping to look for a way out. She can't quite picture who she is anymore. It's blurry and she can only see fragment of herself; liquid bones, flowing through the fire and ashes. But she keeps on digging, more, and more, deeply into her heart, her desires, and her burning will to live.

Then, little by little, she's opening her arms, expressing what she felt and is still feeling; her fears, her wounds, her dreams. But eventually, she can start breathing again, feeling like being lifted of so many weights.

Nevertheless, the streams of burning blood are still lurking about, coiling around her body. She knows that the waves of anxiety are always going to be present. It doesn't matter; this will be a fuel for her, her inner strength.

Now she's bathing into a new light, ready to face the world.

125 000 hand embroidered sequins
4 500 meters of nylon threads
905 hours of work
125 000 sequins brodés à la main
4 500 mètre de fil de nylon
905 heures de travail