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Documentation d'artistes diplômés de l'EESAB. 2011 - 2016

Marie Raffeneau

MÀJ 16-01-2019

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10 jeunes artistes diplômés de l'Ecole Européenne Supérieure d'Art de Bretagne font écho à l'exposition « Contemplations, tableaux des églises de Bretagne, 26 chefs-d'oeuvre du XVIe au XVIIIe siècle classés monuments historiques ».

Par leur expression créative, ils interrogent la notion du sublime dans l'art, question intemporelle à l'origine d'un grand nombre d'oeuvres artistiques.

Avec Raphaël Barrois, Lola Burgade, Quentin Montagne, Raphaëlle Peria, Nicolas Pesquier, Laurent Petitot, Marie Raffeneau, Line Simon, Vincent-Michaël Vallet

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Soleils électriques

Du 17 février au 20 mai 2018

Musée des Beaux-Arts - La Cohue

9 place Saint-Pierre - 56000 Vannes

Accès libre de 13h30 à 18h


Ride Your Pony à Liverpool

Informations ci-dessous :

RIDE YOUR PONY : A Biannual International Group Exhibition : 16 February - 2 March 2018
Liverpool School of Art and Design, Duckinfield street, Liverpool, L3 5RD

The inaugural Ride Your Pony international group exhibition is pleased to announce it is touring to Liverpool this February to be shown at Liverpool School of Art and Design, UK.

26 participants from across the globe including 7 members of the Liverpool School of Art and Designs team, complete a group of Illustrators, Artists, Photographers, Designers and Makers, each one having been invited to create a piece of work to exhibit in response to a lucky dip letter of the alphabet. The brief asked the participants to use their letter which they received in the post as either an object within their work, or as a starting point for them to begin from.

On Friday 16 of February 5-9pm the doors will open to the public and invited guests for the exhibitions launch party where the 26 pieces of work will be on display. Hilary Judd, Laura Parke, Cecelia Garside, Mike O'Shaughnessy, Ian Mitchell, Jonathan Spencer and Chris Jackson from the Graphic design and Illustration staff team were invited to contribute alongside a selection of specially invited international artists including:

• Andrew Joyce, a UK born Illustrator currently residing in Japan
• Ben Jones, a Manchester based Illustrator
• Natasha Kurth of Winter & Kurth, winners of 2017 New Designers One Year On
• Elise Zoetmulder, a Product and Interior Designer from Delft, The Netherlands
• Vera Comploj, a New York City based Photographer & Director
• Stina Puotinen, a New York born, Manchester based artist
• Ane Baztarrika, a Pattern & Textile Designer from The Basque Country
• Sam Meech, an Artist and Videosmith based in the NW England
• Alex Wolkowicz, a Polish / German Photographer and Artist based in New York.

To find out more visit or follow on instagram
for regular posts on each of the participants.

Participating Artist Information & Lucky Dip Letter :

C - Marié Raffeneau - France

Cabinet des Curiosités

Exposition de l'oeuvre "Trinité"du 20 janvier au 17 mars.

En compagnie des oeuvres de l'artiste Buzy Alien.

>>> Cabinet des Curiosités <<<
5 rue Serret - 77580 Crécy-la-Chapelle

Vernissage : 20 janvier 2018 ->14h30 -18h30

Exhibition of "Trinity" from january 20 to march 17.

With Buzy Alien's artworks.

>>> Cabinet des Curiosités <<<
5 rue Serret - 77580 Crécy-la-Chapelle

Opening show : january 20 ->2h30 pm - 6h30 pm