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Documentation d'artistes diplômés de l'EESAB, 2013 - 2018

Alisson Schmitt

MÀJ 06-01-2021

Welcome to Nine dragons Hill Resort, 2017

Vidéo couleur, performance et texte, 2'34"

17th of november 2017, China, Jiaxing Shi, Pinghu Shi

I danced on this car park.
Actually, music was loud.
It leaded to the amusement park entrance,
but the amusment park was closed.
The Italian city was behind,
and I felt that the car park's only purpose
was to host the constant crossing of cars
that brought young newlywed couples.
The newlywed, I saw them earlier.
They come to get their pictures taken
in front of the buildings near the canals.
I imagined that the car park was a dance floor, because there was nobody around.
It was the entry and exit point of bridegrooms. « Go in and out with music. »
Sia is singing loudly in loudspeakers.
"« I've got an elastic heart » ,
« Yeah, I've got an elastic heart »
A still fashionable song at the moment,
a song about love.
It may be romantic
to talk about that right there,
on this fake Italian city car park,
next to Zaphu, in China.
It is a performance.
I hope that it's clear to everyone.
It has been seen by a dozen of Chinese workers.
They are working on the hill in the background.
I don't know if they liked my performance.